Monday, December 6, 2010

Initial Weeks in Thailand

(Amazing! We're actually up to current events... or getting very close.)
As most of you know, we're in Thailand right now, awaiting the birth of our third child and second son (so they tell us). We are staying at The Juniper Tree, a guest house/resort in Chiang Mai for Christian workers/missionaries in Asia. It's been a wonderful time to rest and prepare for the upcoming changes in our family and schedule, and we've enjoyed being a part of the community here.

This is our house, a two-room "cabin" on stilts with a big porch for playing, reading, and riding scooter and tricycle.

The first full day of our stay, Missy King's care package arrived to brighten our days of waiting. We had such fun checking out the goodies - games, toys and reading material! So thoughtful - thanks again, Missy!

Juliana and Kai enjoy the freedom to roam paths through beautifully-landscaped gardens on the property

An extra blessing at Juniper Tree - free laundry service! Every morning (except Sunday), our laundry gets tagged with our room number and dropped off, to be picked up clean and pressed the same evening. Here Juliana's concentrating on safety-pinning laundry with tags...
...while Kai goofs off with the lids to the safety-pin containers!

Another special treat of our time here was making a connection from Pennsylvania... This is Joyce and Lee Mummau, serving with IGo (Institute for Global Opportunities) in Chiang Mai. Ryan worked with Joyce's sister Pauline Boll at S. Clyde Weaver's in East Petersburg, and Bethany's family has attended the same church (Gingrich's Mennonite) with Joyce's brother Robert Weaver's family since before Bethany was born. They contacted us, invited us to their church, and home afterward for a delicious Sunday dinner that reminded us of growing up in PA!
On the second week of our stay, we visited a pool resort with EMM missionary friends also in town to have a baby, and the kids LOVED the high slide - a highlight of the day!

Juliana was great at going down the slide all by herself!

Kai enjoyed the big slide sitting on Daddy's lap, but was game for one this size all by himself!

Here the kids are enjoying a play-place at a local mall. For 30 baht a child (about $1), the kids had a blast in the big play area, especially the great slide into the ball pit

(sorry, this pic is sideways!)

Juliana made a friend in our first weeks here named David. His family is from New Zealand, but live in Singapore. They work with HCJB Global, the same agency Ryan's brother Randy serves with in Ecuador.
If it isn't obvious, we're enjoying our time here in Chiang Mai. Still waiting on our baby's arrival (one week late today!), but we're being blessed in the waiting - while trying to be patient!
- Bethany


Rick/Ruthie said...

What fun to get pictures of your surroundings and activities during your days of waiting! We hope you don't need to wait too much longer to welcome Baby Boy into the world.

Missy. said...

YAY for the updates. Have been thinking about you a LOT! Had a visit from midwife Maribeth yesterday afternoon, a fun. fun. surprise. Just a for fun visit...but also told her we are expecting our 5th in July. Yay. Can't wait for your next post. Mis.

Darlene said...

Always enjoy the pictures and to hear about what you are doing. We spent several days in Chiang Mai, although not waiting on a baby! It was one of my favorite places.

Joanne Fetzer said...

Thanks for the neat photos! The kids are really growing up fast. Loved the belly photos too. : ) Was the other EMM family the Millers with their 3 boys?? Hoping for some baby news soon! Love, Aunt Joanne