Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Snapshots - July

We celebrated American Independence by attending the Embassy Fourth of July party...

...of which a major highlight for the kids was climbing on a John Deere tractor (an unusual sight!)

After Bethany's 10-day trip to the USA for a friend's wedding (separate blog to follow), we spent some quality family time trying out Kidz Cool, a playground/water park

The huge, inflatable water slide was a hit, though Daddy got tired of sliding down repeatedly with both kids (pregnant Mommy wasn't taking any chances!)

On July 17, Stephane and Sophal were married in her hometown of Kompong Cham. They plan to live in France, Stephane's homeland.

Here are most of the women from the dorm (and a few guy friends) decked out in their wedding finery
Bethany and Kai at the wedding banquet

We all enjoyed a Saturday morning swimming at a resort outside of town - especially the kids!


Rick/Ruthie said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the photo updates. Those are some special smiles!! God bless!

Joanne Fetzer said...

Just saw these today! Great photos!